NFC interactor 4: Entertainment, Cars and Professionals

The latest update of NFC interactor 4 for Windows Phone 8 is the entertainment release, and adds exciting features that will help you to use NFC while you’re on the go. This includes playing and sharing music through Spotify and Nokia Music, as well as launching the car app on Nokia Lumia devices.

NFC interactor 4

As NFC interactor is mainly targeting professional users, we have added new and unique features for advanced use cases as well – for example, NFC interactor can now completely delete tag contents. While most apps usually only write an empty record, this makes the previous content invisible, but the actual data is still present on the tag memory and can be accessed by lower level tag readers. NFC interactor can now automatically create a message filled with random data, which is exactly as big as the writable tag size – and with that effectively overwrite previous NDEF data stored on the tag.

The full change list

  • Spotify tags incl. online artist / album / track search
  • Nokia Music Mix Radio tags incl. online mix search
  • Launch Nokia Car App through Nokia Accessories type
  • Simplified single-record tag composer mode (= the new default, change in settings)
  • New empty record type (delete tag)
  • Option to erase the complete writable tag memory area and overwrite it with random data
  • Supports cloud-based, multilingual NearSpeak messages
  • Fixes issue with writing email (mailto) records
  • Select vCard version (2.1 / 3.0) for business cards
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By Andreas Jakl

Andreas Jakl is working as Mobility Evangelist at Tieto, to bring the business partner’s vision for mobile app strategies to life. In addition, he is organizing the Mobile Developer After-Work event series together with the community, where expert developers share their knowledge with plenty of time for networking. As Microsoft MVP for Windows Platform Development (Most Valuable Professional), he is also running developer trainings and workshops.