Features (Qt)

Tag reading

  • Tag type (NFC Forum Tag Type 1, 2, 3, 4 and Mifare)
  • Tag UID
  • Tag version
  • Tag memory size, static vs. dynamic memory (for tag types 1 + 2**)
  • Lock bits and Capability Container access level (for static memory tag types 1 + 2**)
  • NDEF message size
  • List of all individual NDEF records
  • Parses Smart Poster, URI, text, image and business card (vCard) records
  • App is automatically launched for custom record with external RTD: “nokia.com:nfcinteractor”
  • Stores parsed URI or text to the clipboard
  • Prints raw payload for external tag types
  • Extracts and stores images included in the tag on the phone file system
  • Collects all read tags on the file system, for later re-use (cloning tags), low-level analysis or editing
  • Select the data directory for storing tags, also allowing you to copy the raw NDEF message data to your PC

Tag writing

  • Dynamic UI to create a message consisting of multiple NDEF records, and to add information to each record
  • Help for all supported message types
  • NDEF message size calculation
  • Save composed tags for later re-use
  • Load previously saved tag compositions or tags collected from the field into the editor to change the contents or write the tag again
  • Long-press on a read tag to directly clone a tag you have read
  • Long-press on a read tag to edit a tag you have read

Specialized editors for each message type

  • Social Network record: enter the username and choose the network to create a link to follow you. Available social networks: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Xing, vKontakte, Foursquare. Creates a URI or Smart Poster, depending on if you add an optional title.
  • Business card record: select the data to include from a wealth of available fields, and create your own business card based on the universal vCard standard. Integrates with the Qt Mobility Contacts APIs. Note: usually large tag size requirements.
  • Geo record: enter coordinates and select the Geo Tag type. Supports Geo URI (RFC 5870), Nokia Maps links and a generic redirection script that enables Geo tags on Symbian and MeeGo, hosted at nfcinteractor.com*. Integrates with the Qt Mobility Location APIs for the coordinates. Creates a URI or Smart Poster, depending on if you add an optional title.
  • App Store record: generate a download link to an app store. Creates a direct store link if one ID is specified, or a generic link using a platform detection script at nfcinteractor.com* if more app ids are specified. For Nokia, either specify a generic Nokia Store ID if it’s the same for all platforms, or instead specify an own ID for Symbian, MeeGo Harmattan and if needed Series 40. Creates a URI or Smart Poster, depending on if you add an optional title.
  • SMS record: enter number and body to create a working SMS link, useful for example to request information services or for payment via SMS. Creates a URI or Smart Poster, depending on if you add an optional title.
  • Image record: use the MIME/Image record type to store any supported image to the tag (e.g., PNG, JPG/JPEG, GIF). Images can also be included for Smart Posters and Business Cards.
  • Smart Posters: has to contain at least a URI, optionally an unlimited amount of titles in different languages, a recommended action and information about the linked content (size and MIME type).
  • URI records: automatically shortens URIs according to the specification to save tag space (e.g., won’t save “http://www.”, but encode that in a single byte).
  • Text records: set text and language.
  • Custom records: Choose the type name format and optionally add a type name and payload. Also useful for application autostart tags.


  • Send NDEF messages through the standardized SNEP (Simple NDEF Exchange Protocol) to other NFC devices, including the Nokia Lumia 610 NFC or Android phones***
  • Send raw NDEF messages through a direct LLCP (Logical Link Control Protocol) socket
    • Connection-oriented or connection-less connection
    • Select service name or port for the connection
    • Connect client- and/or server-socket for connection-oriented
  • Receive SNEP messages and parse their contents + protocol information****

Easily reusable code for developers including

  • NDEF record classes for: Smart Poster, Mime/vCard (Business Cards), Mime/Image, Geo coordinates, App Store links, Social Networks (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Xing, vKontakte, Foursquare), SMS, Smart URI (depending on content requirements uses Smart Poster or URI to create the smallest possible message).
  • Tag-specifc access to read the tag size and lock status (for Tag Types 1 + 2**).

Ideas for future updates

  • Write a contact from the address book
  • Write vCalendar records
  • Bluetooth pairing records
  • Lock tags (type 1, 2**)
  • Check composed record contents for errors according to specifications.
  • Use current location for geo tags (asynchronously updated UI)
  • Birthday support for contacts (date picker UI)
  • Geocoding (enter address, write coordinates to the tag – interactive UI)

* Disclaimer: The services hosted on nfcinteractor.com (e.g., the generic geo-tag redirection script) have no service or uptime guarantee. See the web services page for further details.

** MeeGo Harmattan currently does not allow tag type specific access through Qt APIs; therefore, it’s not possible to access functionality not offered by Qt classes, such as getting tag specific information or locking tags.

*** Sending SNEP messages requires PR 1.2+ on the Nokia N9.

**** Receiving SNEP only supported on Symbian. The public Qt/Symbian APIs only allow listening to the SNEP service name (urn:nfc:sn:snep) and not through the port (4) – so receiving messages might not work if the other phone uses the port only (e.g., Android).