These presentation slides serve mainly as introduction for NFC development, highlighting the most important aspects of creating NFC apps. I’m using the slides at workshops and trainings. While you would get most out of them if you also heard the stories around the content, the slides alone are also especially useful.

  • NFC in Practice
    How to develop cross platform NFC apps and services that work on Android, Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8.
    After a short introduction to Near Field Communication, you will learn how you can improve your service or app with NFC. Special focus is on how to make your solution work cross-platform, which standards are helpful to achieve this, and which traps you have to be aware of. You will also see concrete code examples for Android, Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8.
  • NFC Introduction
    New to Near Field Communication (NFC)? Get a quick overview of use cases, scenarios and related standards.
    By walking through a typical day, this presentation explains NFC based on real-life use cases. It also goes behind the scenes to show how NFC as a technology can enable those new scenarios.
  • WinJS, Apache Cordova & NFC – HTML5 apps for Android and Windows Phone
    How to create cross-platform mobile apps with HTML5 that integrate directly into the platform. By combining several enterprise-class frameworks and tools, you can create apps that run on all mobile devices, developed in a central repository and tool. In this presentation, you will learn how to create HTML5 apps with the Visual Studio Multi-Device Hybrid Apps plug-in. Apache Cordova is directly integrated and responsible for creating native apps for the mobile platforms. WinJS can be used as a major UI framework that is now open source and works across all platforms and browsers.To check how you can integrate apps deeper with the native platforms, you will also see how to install and use a custom plug-in that enables Near Field Communication (NFC) on both Android and Windows Phone.
  • Lumia App Labs #8: Developing NFC Apps in Windows Phone 8
    Near Field Communication (NFC) is an emerging short-range radio technology that is poised to revolutionize how we use mobile phones in everyday interactions. In this webinar, we’ll introduce the basics of NFC and how the technology is implemented in Nokia Lumia phones. We’ll also demonstrate how you can use NFC via Microsoft Windows Phone 8’s Proximity API in your applications to share content, read data from and write data to NFC tags, and create your own application-launch tags.
  • Windows Phone 8 NFC Quickstart
    The quick walkthrough will show you how to create your first NFC app for Windows Phone 8.
    The step-by-step instructions will walk you through creating a basic version of an app similar to NearSpeak: write voice NFC tags – touch the tags again to hear your message. Leave notes for your partner, reminders for yourself, or use them for a fun public social experiment.
  • Reach the limits: the 41 MP camera of Windows Phone 8
    After a short theoretical background, our session will demonstrate how you can create a Windows Phone app that combines the unique strengths of the hardware: take a high resolution 41 mega pixel snapshot with the Lumia 1020, process it with a cartoon filter using Nokia’s native Imaging SDK, show the photo embedded in an offline map at the position it was taken, and finally tap another phone via NFC to share the picture.
  • Windows (Phone) 8 NFC App Scenarios
    The three most important NFC (Near Field Communication) scenarios for Windows 8 / Windows Phone 8 app developers:
    – Discover Your App
    – Share to Others
    – Seamless Multi-User Games & Collaboration
    This presentation describes these three scenarios and shows you how to implement them in C# from a technical perspective. It contains examples for both Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 development, based on the new WinRT Proximity APIs.