NDEF library for Windows Proximity APIs

Reading and writing URI messages is easy with the Proximity APIs of the Windows 8 platform. However, it doesn’t contain classes to easily create and parse NDEF messages and records.

The new NDEF Library for Proximity APIs helps developers to work with Near Field Communication. Instead of having to manually write pages of source code to parse and assemble the bits and bytes of record contents, the classes take all the heavy lifting for you.

Parsing NDEF messages as well as creating your own records (e.g., Smart Posters) is now just a matter of a few lines of code. The library extends the C# Proximity APIs of Windows 8.

The code is available for download starting now at ndef.codeplex.com. The library is licensed under LGPL (as they’re originating and ported from the Qt Mobility APIs), which makes it easy for you to use them in your own projects, no matter if open source as well or commercial!