Status Update: Upcoming Nfc Interactor v3.0 Release

Development of the next major update of Nfc Interactor is going at an excellent pace. Apart from several minor improvements and bug fixes, the following new features have already been added since the last official 2.0 release currently available in the Nokia Store:

  • Cloning tags supported (long-press on read tag contents -> Clone)
  • Editing tags supported (long-press on read tag contents -> Edit)
  • Stores all read tags to data directory for later reuse
  • Extracts and saves images from tags (edit an existing tag, filename shown in the compose view)
  • Settings screen to enable/disable storing all collected tags and to choose the data directory
  • Added support for writing Foursquare tags
  • Print raw payload for external tag types

Still on the todo list is support for editing collected business cards, and the UI to manually save and load tag compositions.

The latest nightly source code of Nfc Interactor v3.0 can be downloaded at GitHub. If you have any comments or spot bugs, please let me know!

As usual, ready-made compiled binaries will be available through the Nokia Store once the final release is finished!

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By Andreas Jakl

Andreas Jakl is working as Mobility Evangelist at Tieto, to bring the business partner’s vision for mobile app strategies to life. In addition, he is organizing the Mobile Developer After-Work event series together with the community, where expert developers share their knowledge with plenty of time for networking. As Microsoft MVP for Windows Platform Development (Most Valuable Professional), he is also running developer trainings and workshops.