NFC interactor 5.1

NFC interactor - NearSpeak

We’re constantly working on improving NFC interactor, to ensure it’s the best and most powerful NFC tag writer / reader app available for you in the Windows Phone Store. Today, the next minor update went live. It improves a few minor but useful parts of the app, and adds a couple of fixes for issues we’ve discovered in the huge recent NFC interactor 5 release.

Download NFC interactor 5.1 for Windows Phone 8!

The main visible change is that text boxes now include automatic word wrap, in order to make editing easier. Some also allow multi-line text (where it makes sense).

The full change log:

  • All text input boxes in composer now use word wrap for better usability
  • New multi-line text input for: title & plain text, body text of emails & SMS, raw payloads
  • Optional user error reporting
  • Fixes trial mode startup issues
  • Fixes rare error message when resuming app
  • Improved NearSpeak record editor interface