New NFC Example Apps + Webinar Slides

After the first session of the “Lumia App Labs #8: Developing NFC Apps in Windows Phone 8” that I presented for Nokia Developer today, you can now download the two open source examples that I created for this session:

  • NFC Rock Paper Scissors – Finished Example App
    Demonstrates the PeerFinder API to easily and quickly create a multiplayer game – connect the phones via NFC by tapping, wait for a second until the phones have connected via Bluetooth, and you’re ready to play!
  • NfcShare – Finished Example App
    Includes several key use cases of NFC on Windows Phone, including:
    Capturing and sharing a photo via NFC
    Sharing a URL to another device
    Register the app to launch via a custom URI scheme
    Write a tag that contains the custom URI scheme
    Subscribe for reading a URL tag

Also the slides are already available for download – a YouTube recording will be available soon.

If you’d like to see the session live and have a chance to ask some questions, you can still sign up for the second session tomorrow!