The open source NFC / NDEF Library is now available also to JavaScript / HTML5 App developers!


With growing support and capabilities for HTML5 apps on all desktop and mobile platforms, we want to ensure the compatibility to avoid fragmented ecosystems. As a user, you want your NFC-based service to work, regardless of the manufacturer or developer.

To facilitate this, we have ported the NFC / NDEF library from C# to JavaScript, to ensure it can be used in an even wider field of app development.

NFC Development with JavaScript

Thanks to the funding by Netidee, we were able to get the help of Sebastian Höbarth, an expert developer with tremendous JavaScript knowledge. The ported JavaScript version includes the major use cases, to conveniently create and parse NDEF messages & records:

  • NdefMessage
  • NdefRecord
  • NdefUriRecord
  • NdefTextRecord
  • NdefTelRecord
  • NdefSocialRecord
  • NdefGeoRecord
  • NdefAndroidAppRecord (AAR)

The source code of the library is available via GitHub.

For the build system, we are using Node.JS in combination with Grunt – a step by step guide for the setup is included in the readme file, in case you need to modify the library and build it yourself.

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By Andreas Jakl

Andreas Jakl is working as Mobility Evangelist at Tieto, to bring the business partner’s vision for mobile app strategies to life. In addition, he is organizing the Mobile Developer After-Work event series together with the community, where expert developers share their knowledge with plenty of time for networking. As Microsoft MVP for Windows Platform Development (Most Valuable Professional), he is also running developer trainings and workshops.