Cross-Platform NFC in HTML5 Apps with Apache Cordova

At the recent Advanced Developers Conference / Cross Platform in Mannheim, I presented an introduction on how to create cross-platform NFC apps with HTML5.

Instead of taking a look at how to make NFC itself work accross platforms, I wanted to shed some light on how you can write a cross-platform app that is utilizing NFC. For this, I used Apache Cordova to integrate with the NFC platform services on Android and Windows Phone (with iPhone / iOS hopefully supporting NFC app development as well sooner or later). For better NDEF content format support, the open source NDEF JavaScript library is providing a lot of options. The UI is created using the latest WinJS open source, cross-platform UI toolkit.

The slides of the session are now available for viewing on Slideshare, the example app is available on GitHub.

HTML5 NFC Demo App