Which NFC Tag Types are supported?

In general, Windows Phone 8, Symbian, MeeGo support the standardized tag types: NFC Forum Tag Type 1 – 4

Several tag types are compatible to those standards:

  • NFC Forum Tag Type 1: e.g., Broadcom Topaz
  • NFC Forum Tag Type 2: e.g., NXP Mifare Ultralight, NXP Mifare Ultralight C, NXP NTAG203
  • NFC Forum Tag Type 3: e.g., Sony FeliCa
  • NFC Forum Tag Type 4: e.g., NXP DESFire, NXP SmartFX with JCOP

In addition, many phones support Mifare Classic tags – but this depends on the specific NFC chipset used by the manufacturers. The reason is that Mifare Classic tags are proprietary and are therefore not supported anymore by several phones on the market, including the Samsung Galaxy S4.

Tags like present in RFID passports are not supported Symbian or MeeGo. Windows Phones with the new NFC hardware generation (starting with the Lumia 730 / 830) can read passports and bank cards, but as these do not follow the standardized NDEF protocol, they can not currently be read with NFC interactor.