Business cards: importing from address book

NFC interactor for Windows Phone automatically converts contacts from the address book to the vCard standard.

Note that there is not always a 1:1 mapping between the way Windows Phone stores contacts in the address book and the vCard standard – NFC interactor will create the best possible match, but it might not be possible to directly store all the data from the phone contact. Please check the composed record after importing the contact from the address book!

Specifically, Windows Phone vCard APIs do not include Yomi names into generated vCards; therefore, NFC interactor does not include them in the editor.

Other potential issues are only theoretical: e.g., Windows Phone contacts would support 2 street address lines, whereas vCards only support a single line – NFC interactor would automatically combine those two street address lines into one. However, the Windows Phone UI currently only allows entering a single street address line; making this a hypothetical thought.

NFC interactor - Business Card